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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

*Featured Look* Hair style #14 of 365 Two Parallels

*Featured Look*
Hair Style #13 of 365
"Two Parallels"
Model: Sarah Hunt

You will need: Bobby pins, a rat tail comb and a small flower hair accessory if desired.

Products: Big Sexy Spray and play Harder/ a really strong hold hair spay.  Redken Rewind and a rat tail comb and bobby pins.

OK, before we begin you must know that this hairstyle is NOT conducive to long hair with lots of layers around the face.  The longer the hair around your face the better this style will look. Sarah has really long hair in the front so this look worked perfectly.

Take two to three sections of hair on the top of your head and tease them.  Then tease a couple of sections at the sides of  your head.  Once that is complete lightly comb over the top to smooth it out.

Then from your right side grab an 1 to 2 inch section of hair from right above your real.  Roll, roll, roll and roll this section until it is rolled all the way to the end.  Bring it around the back of your head and pin it to the opposite side. Repeat this on the other side.  When you are ready to bring the left one around be sure to place it lower than the first one making them "parallel." 

Spray these in place.  Once you have done this, grab a little hair accessory such as a flower or a bow or whatever you would like and place at the side of your head on which ever side you prefer.

Again spray in place.  Make sure your pins are secure and you are ready to go. 
If you would like your ends to look different than sarah's, before you begin your hairstyle just hit the ends with your curling iron or if your hair is naturally curly just let it ride. However, if you just want it straight you can do that too.

For more photos of this hairstyle, please visit "my photography" at the bottom of the page.

Have fun!

Tutorial on it's way!.......
Stay tuned to "Simply Stylish"

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