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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hair Style #8 of 365 The Twisted Headband

"The Twisted Headband"

This look is so incredibly easy, I recommend it for when you hate your hair one day and just don't know what to do with it.  This style also works on girls of all ages.  Young ones and older ones.  After I did this look I rocked it all day and when i took it out my hair had this incredible curl to it and volume. I loved it so much I am doing it again today!  It was beautiful when I took it out, so keep that in mind.  Extra little perk there!

You will need bobby pins and a little bow if you would like.  That is optional.  Also, a rat tail comb.

Start  on either side of you head by taking an imch thick section above...mmmm....lets say your left ear.  That is the side I started one.  So yes, litterally flip your head to the right and go behind your left ear and take an inch thick section all the way over to behind the other ear.  pull all that hair forward and throw all the hair in the back in a quick clip or pony tail holder to keep it out of your way.   Come back to the front and flip your head again to the right.  Start right above your ear and start winding like you would for the side winder.  Keep going grabing bits of hair along the way.  Go Ahead, keep going and don't stop until you get to the other side.  Pin the finished twist slightly above and behind the right ear.  Pin this like I pin everything else.  Use two bobby pins, one on top of the other and they should be going upwards toward your eyebrows.  Have fun and be creative with this look.  Something else might develope out of it while you are trying this style.   Don't be frustrated if you have to go back and do your twist several times to get it just right.  I did! Its okay! 

For the rest of the hair that is left out.  That is the easy part you can do several things here.  I hit my ends with a 2 inch barrel curling iron and did the wave.  You can't tell because the curling iron is so fat but it gave my hair some direction which is what I wanted! You can wear it the way you normally do, you could wave it first, you could wear it curly if your hair is naturally curly, it doesn't matter.  Make the look your own and have fun doing it!

Here is the Twisted Headband tutorial!!

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