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Friday, October 28, 2011

Hairstyle #29 of 365 "The Boufont"

#29 "The Boufont"

Here is another one ladies.  Super fun for halloween if your going to the sock hop, or you are a pink lady like myself!  This one again is a bit difficult to explain so please enjoy the video!!!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hair Style # 28 of 365 "Vintage" Perfect for halloween!

Hairstyle # 28 "Vintage!

  This look is perfect for halloween!  Halloween is right around the corner and I personally am dressing up as a pink lady.  I find it annoying to buy a wig for halloween but I understand that some of us have to!  However, I thought what if I could do a hairstyle JUST for halloween.  That is when I decided I would do this vintage look that I am going to wear with my costume and do a tutorial on it.  Sorry, there is no easy way to describe this look so....please refer to the video down below!  I hope you enjoy it!! Thanks for visiting simply stylish!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hair Style #27 of 365 "The Runway Braid"

Hairstyle # 27 "The Runway Braid"

For this look you will need: an elastic hair tie, hairspray, and a one inch curling iron

This look is all about looking messy!  Pull all your hair to the heaviest side and do a regular braid.
After your braid is in place you then part your hair about 3 inches farther over than you normally would.  All that excess hair will be used to make the messy look! It is that easy!!!

Please enjoy the tutorial below!  Thanks xoxo!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hair Style #25 of 365 "The Twisted Half up Half Down"

Hair Style # 25
"The Twisted Half up Half Down"
Low maintenance Monday

You will need: A small elastic hair band, hairspray, and a comb.

Start with your natural part.  That will determine where your twists will start from. 

I started on my left side.  I took 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch section above my eye and split that into two pieces. I twist them counter-clock wise one time adding hair from the bottom (beside my face) and twisting it again, one time.  Continue this technique until you reach the top of your ear and finish twisting it counter-clock wise until you have reached the ends.  Pull it back and secure it to you head in any way to keep it twisted and out of your way. 

Repeat this same process on the right side.  I personally left my bangs out of this style but you can add them to the twist if you wish to.  Use the same technique you used on the left side.

Once you have finished twisting the right side, grab the left twist and remove the clip.  Bring two sides together in the back and secure it with a small elastic.

Spray your look in place.

This look will work for short hair, curly hair, straight hair, long hair, thick hair, thin hair....you name it you will be able to achieve this look today.  It is quick and easy and simple. PERFECT FOR  A MONDAY! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hairstyle # 24 of 365 "the low bun!"

The Low Bun!

You will need: teasing comb/bursh bobby pins and hairspray

This hairstyle is exactly the same to the high bun, just on a different place on your head.  The hardest part of this style is going to be pony tail placement.

Once you get your pony tail where you want it you can begin your style.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hair Style # 24 of 365 "The High Bun"

Hair Style # 24 "The High Bun"
You will need: A teasing comb/brush, Bobby pins, Hair tie, and hair spray.

Since I am in North Carolina this will be a quick description of how to achieve this look.  Put your hair into a "High" pony tail. 

Once in a pony tail, tighten the pony tail and pull on the top to create a little height. 

After that is complete tease your pony tail....a lot.  Then wrap it around the base of the pony tail to create your messy high bun.  Secure it with your bobby pins.  GREAT STYLE FOR ON THE GO!!! which I am.  Still need help?  No worries, there is a video down below!  ENJOY!!!

This look is extremely popular and has been seen on the Kardashians as well as Ann Hathaway in Glamour magazine.  It is super fun and a great look for a night out on the town!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hairstyle # 23 "The Blow Out"

I think it is important for every girl/woman to know how to do a proper blow out. Yes, it takes practice but once you get it down, you hair will look fantastic everytime you do it.   A blow is the base of a style when in the salon chair.  Really great hairstylist rely only on the "blow out" to create and complete the look for thier clients.  I figure why not learn this technique to do at home and get salon like hair in your very own bathroom.  Now, of course from a stylists perspective, it is definately easier for me to do this to someone than to do it on myself so, its not going to be exactly like it is when you get it done professionally but, it will be close!

You Will need: 100% boar bristle brush. ( can be bought at sally's) If it isn't boar bristle that is ok however, it should be. Boar bristle brushes help distribute your hairs natural oils all over and down to the ends thus creating a beautiful shine. You need your blow dryer, Redken Outshine to polish the hair, eliminate frizz and add some shine, Aerate by Redken, which will help give it some body and Bix Sexy Root Pump to give it some lift. If you do not have these particular products, you can do a couple different things. One, you can go buy them or two, you can use something that is equivelant. A frizz eliminator, a bodifying cream and a root lifter. Look for those key words when shopping for your product. Product is the most important part of the blow out.   When using the product only use about a dime size of each product, especially if you are using more than one think like me.  I use a dime size of outshine and a dime size of aerate. If you are only using one product a quarter size will work.

After you get all your products ready you need to put your hair in sections. I do mine in three sections with two sections when I get to the top. Please refer to my video to see how I do mine.

It's all in the wrist. When you are drying your sections don't forget to keep rolling your round brush. This get the hair nice and smooth and gives it "movement." Rolling your brush and giving your hair movement is key in this style when it comes to wanting to know the difference between this hairstyle and say "The straight and narrow." When you use the flat iron the heat tends to pull a lot of the body out of the style thus, you end up teasing the crown area. With a blow out, it is all about the volume and not using any hot tools at all.

This works on curly hair!! I myself have curly hair and this is how I get it straight every time I wash it. This will work on all hair types and lengths! Practice this! Don't give up on it. You will get it! Watch the tutorial over and over and over again! A little tip, after you have done all your sections, go back through in places that you feel you have missed or that aren't smooth enough and do them again with out lifting the sections at a 90 degree angle.

Still need some help!? No worries, here is my tutorial! Enjoy! Thanks for visiting Simply Stylish!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair Style #22 of 365 That 70's Look

Hairstyle # 22 That 70's look

You will need bobby pins, a rat tail comb and hairspray.

I know it may seem that I am doing a ton of braids on my blog and you would be correct.  They are HUGE right now with everyone this season.  Just when I think I couldn't possible do an other braided style, I find one that I really like and want to share with you.

For this look I have kept my hair straight.  Please refer to the Straight and Narrow tutorial for more information on how to get sleek shiny hair.

I then set my part in the middle of my head instead of my normal part, which is on the left and my bands hang towards the right.  I then went to inches back and took vertical sections on both sides.  I went no further back than the middle of my ear.  I wanted the hair that hangs in front of my ear and not behind it. 

I Dutch braided each side keeping them really close to my head.  I braided to the ends of my hair...well, as close as I could get to the ends.  My hair is layered in the front therefore makes it hard to not have what I like to call "whispies" coming out of my braids. 

Once I reached the "end" of my braid I lay it back on my head to see where it will lay and then part my hair in that spot.  Make sure your hair is parted in this spot and secure the braid with two bobby pins.  Place the hair back over the pins to hide them.  Repeat this on the other side.  It is such a great look.  With all the styles that are out now with the high waisted and wide leg jeans and silk flowy tops, this hairstyle will for sure be a hit at the work place, or even date night!  Have fun and as always, keep it Simply Stylish!


Tutorial Video here....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hair Style # 21 of 365 Flat Iron Curls

Hairstyle # 21 The Flat Iron Curls

You will need: your flat Iron, hairspray, and a comb

For this look I have decided how to show you how to achieve curls with your flat iron. It is harder than doing it with a curling iron but if your craving a different look then go ahead a try it. Using your flat iorn almost makes a touseled look.  Some pieces may look a little straight, some may be really curled.  This just takes practice.  So you burn yourself a few times.  No big deal.  I have been doing this for 8 years and just burnt my forehead two days ago.  It is all in the manhadling.  You have to be in control of your hot tool.  This just takes practice!

Ok, if your hair is wet, put some kind of smoothing cream in it.  I prefer Outshine by Redken. I also run this through my hair when it is dry and completely styled.  It takes out any unwanted frizz in a quick and effortless manor.

Once that is complete you may need to run the flat iron through it to remove any bumps or frizz or wave or anything of that sort.  Your hair does need to be some what  straight to start to get the full effect.  Once your hair is mostly straight you are ready to begin.

You must begin by taking sections.  I start at the bottom.  Take your fingers and go directly behind your ears until your fingers meet.  This will be section one.  Take one inch subsections of the section you just made. Spray them and then curl them. These curls are a little bit different in the fact they I have rolled them towards my face.  For a couple of reasons, one being it is easier to hold the flat iron on move it in that direction while trying to turn it and keep it clamped and two, it gives a different look.

After I was completely finished with curling my hair I decided to put two twists in the bangs to give it a little fun flair.  Feel free to do whatever you would like to your bang area.  Even leave them down.  It is all about expierementation. 

  Need more help?  Don't worry.  There is a video down below!  Enjoy! Thanks for wanting to be "Simply Stylish!"


Monday, October 17, 2011

Hair Style #20 of 365 The Braided Bang

Hairstyle #20 The Braided Band

You will need: A comb, bobby pins, hairspray and a shine spray if you feel its needed.
This look would be perfect for a date night.  It is a soft and romantic look.  However, it is great for every day too.

First thing you need to do is determine how you want the rest of your hair to look.  I chose to wear mine straight. Please refer to "the straight and narrow" video to see how to get great sleek hair.
If you choose to wear it wavy or even in the bombshell method please refer to those videos as well to see how to obtain that look.  As for the braided bang use your rat tail comb and part your hair about a half inch farther over than you normally would.  Then go about two inches back and take a section all the way down to right in front of your ear.  Begin to braid this in a dutch braid style.  Once you have reached the end of your braid take it back and see where about it would sit on your head and then part your hair in that spot.  Pin it in place then put your moved hair back over the secured braid to hide your pins. 

Enjoy the tutorial!!!!
Thanks for visiting Simply Stylish.  Please, don't forget to leave comments and suggestions.

Hair Style # 19 of 365 Straight and Narrow

Hairstyle #19 Straight and Narrow
You will need: Blow dryer, flat iron, comb and headband!

You will need to start with wet hair and use any kind of smoothing product.  I use redken Aerate.  It is a blow drying cream that eliminates frizz.  I also like outshine by redken.  Velvet Gelatine by redken is also very good. 

Once you have it blown dry, seperate your hair into sections horizontally to make sure each peice you flat iron gets completely straight.

I have spiced up this look with a double headband that I bought at Clair's for like 2.50.  Its super cute and peps up the look a little bit. You can use any headband you choose. I like the two strand headbands because it looks a little more intricate.  Like I did more to my hair but I didn't. To add the headband completely finish your hair first.  After everything is where you want it to be, put the headband around your neck and if it is a double take up one strand at a time and place where you think it looks best.

If you feel the need you can tease your crown and give it some extra added height!!!

I am newly in love with headbands so I will be doing more styles with them so stick around to see what pops up next.  Hope you enjoy this look!

Thanks for looking at Simply Stylish!

Please check out this great tutorial on great products to get beautiful straight hair and a great technique to make sure you get it all straight and how to add a great accessory!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hair Style #18 of 365 Cocktail Hour

Hairstyle #18 Cocktail Hour

You will need: curling iron, hairspray, bobby pins and a  comb

I think the hardest part of this whole thing is finding the names for the style I produce. I am calling this one cocktail hour because it reminds me of something I would wear out with my girls for some "mommy time" and "cocktails."  No kids, just some good friends

This look and how I achieved it somewhat difficult to explain it words, however I will give it a shot.  If you don't understand down worry, there is a great tutorial down below.

Take two sections at each ear and pin those out of the way.  Next, seperate the remaining hair in to two sections horizontally.  Take the section closest to your neck and seperate it into three sections.  Take section one and twist it until you get to the ends.  Grab a tiny little strand from the bottom and scrunch the hair up the strand.  Sound confusing yet?  Don't worry.  I am here to help
This is a GREAT technique.   It will help you with all of your future updos.

Enjoy! and Good Luck!