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Monday, November 14, 2011

Hairstyle # 37 of 365 "The Half up Half Down"

Hairstyle # 37 of 365
"The Half up Half Down"

I fell upon this hairstyle by mistake.  I was doing the "Heidi klum" and realized that this would be a cute style also and perfect for "Low maintenance Monday." 

To Start you will Need: A comb, and teasing brush, bobby pins , and your hairspray.  Also, if you would like some movement to your hair you can use a curling iron.  I chose to use  a 3" barrel curling iron. 

The trick to this style is the "tuck" technique I use to create the look.  Take your section of hair that you want to put up and kind of twirl the ends and tuck them upward underneath the hair.  That will create this swirl look.  I hope you all enjoy this hairstyle.  It super easy and as always, simply stylish!

Please enjoy the tutorial below!

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  1. This is my favorite I think! You are soooo funny too! Love you! Can't wait till you are home for Christmas!