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Friday, October 7, 2011

Hair Style #10 of 365 Swept Up

Swept Up

GOOD NEWS:  This works GREAT on short hair!!

You will need:  Curling iron, bobby pins, a comb and a round brush

Products used: aerate by redken on wet hair, which is a voluminous  cream-mouse (its incredible)   Layer lift by redken on wet hair and that will help lift layers (in the form of a spray gel)  and a little bit of big sexy root pump on wet hair.


If you are starting with wet hair, used the product above or products like the ones listed.  If they are not the same make sure you just use something that is a root lifter!  That is important. Then continuing to blow dry your hair. Start by blow drying your bangs first. Get your round brush and pick the bang area straight up as if your about to curl them under and blow dry them in this fashion until dry and  this will help give you your volume for the look.  THIS IS KEY!  It keeps you from having to tease! Once dry get your curling iron out and plugged in.  Once ready, start picking up random pieces of hair and curl them all in OPPOSITE directions.  You want to pick up a small section and curl it one way, then pick a big section and curl it the other and so on.  Continue this until your whole head is finish.  Go ahead and run your fingers through the curls during this process, you don't want them super tight.  You can if you choose to.  I however, didn't want tight tight curls.
For the Sweeping:  Tilt your head back slightly and stick your pointer fingers at the top of each ear and run them up your head until your fingers meet one an other.  This is the hair that will be pinned back. Take the grabbed hair and start to roll it.  Roll it one good rotation and then pull as if you were separating the gathered hair into to sections and this will tighten your roll.  Put in two pins and you should be good to go.  Tousle the bottom with your hands and use some finishing spray to hold your look.  You can even flip your head upside down and get some body built up that way.  Follow these simply stylish instructions and you should be ready to go in no time!

Short Hair:  Do every thing the same expect for the curling part.  If your hair is long enough to be curled then shoot for it.  If it is not, then style your hair the way your normally would and sweep up the sides a directed!  It will look amazing!


Here is the video.....

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