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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

*Featured Look* Hair Style # 13 of 365 The Bombshell

*Featured Look*
Hair Style #13 of 365
The Bombshell
Model: Ashley Rahar

You will need: 1 1/2 barrel curling iron, Root lifter, strong hold hair spray and  a teasing comb/rat tail and bobby pins/ duck bill clips

The first thing I did was make sure her hair was dirty.  If your hair is clean and soft it is less likely to hold curl this tight all day.  However, if you have skipped a day or two it gives it more texture and will most likely hold any style you attempt.

Before you begin curling spray your whole head with a thermal protector/flexible hold hair spray.  This will help set your curls.  Then from behind each ear take your finger or rat tail comb and go all the way up to the top of your head.  do this on both sides.  Once you have these sectoins begin curling them.  This is how they should be curled.  Ashley's hair parts to the right so from her part I curled the hair parted to the right and rolled them to the right.  In other words after you make your curl you should be able to see directly through it.  After each curl it made you should pin it down with either a bobby pin or duck bill clip in the shape that the curling iron put it in.  This is like doing hot rollers in your hair minus the hot rollers. Do all the hair in front.  Rolling everything to the right of the part to the right and everything to the left of the part to the left. 

To do the back you pick up finger sections and just start curling downward pinning all curls in place until they are cool.  After all the curls are put in spray with hairspray and go do the dishes or get your kids dressed or put your make up on.  Whatever tickles your fancy.  Once cooled pull out the pins and ONLY RUN YOUR FINGERS THROUGH YOUR HAIR.  This will keep most of yor curl in and keep them tight.  This look can be messy or you can put peices in specific places.   After you have taken your curls down spray your hair in place. 

To get bigger hair with this look take your rat tail comb or teasing comb and pick up curls and LIGHTLY tease the ends of your style.  I did on ahsley and it made it look slightly messy and made it look like she had even more volume!

I will post a video of how to put in the curl with an Iron and with Hot rollers!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Does this work with long hair too or only short?