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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hair Style #5 of 365 The Side Winder

So, Here we are at # 5!  Only 360 more to go! 

The Side Winder.

First things first...GO RUN AND GRAB your bobby pins.

Do your hair like you normally would.  You could even do the Wave if you decided to.  then start on what ever side you want to and  grab the hair right next to your face and start rolling. Roll it all the way around to the other ear grabbing hair along the way.   STOP when you get to the ear.  Take the hair in front of the ear and push it all forward.  Pin the rolled hair down using three bobby pins and criss cross them to get a tight hold.  Then the hair that is left out move it back a to where is was and it will hide your pins.  it is so easy and I apologize if i make is sound complicated but it is NOT!!!! You can literally wear this ANYWHERE!! 

I washed my hair this time with Redken's Extreme shampoo and conditioner.  I did not put any mouse in my hair but I did use some maroccan oil.  It cuts down your blow dry time by 44%. It makes your healthy and shiny.  It will feel like velvet I promise you.  I then waved it.  To set my style I used Spray and Play Harder by Big Sexy Hair. 

Here you guys go!!  the SIDE WINDER HOW TO!!

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