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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hair Style # 3 of 365 The Wave

"The Wave"

This is pretty much my every day hair style.  It is super easy and simply stylish.  The key here is to know how to man handle a curling iron.  This just takes practice.  If there is anything you learn here it will be to try everything at least once.  See where you comfort zone is and go with it. I can wear this look out with the girls, to play dates with the kids, to work, or on a nice date with the hubby.  Very versatile.  You will use your fingers to take sections.

The curling iron I am using is a "hot tools" brand and you can get them at Sally's in any size.  Mine is an inch and a half barrel.  As far as product in your hair....well that depends.  I only wash my hair may 2 at most 3 times a week however, I have dry hair.  There was a little hair spray left in my hair from the day before so I just worked with what was there.  If you are started from a wet head....well less is best.  The more product you put in the heavier you hair will be thus pulling your curls out over time.  I would use a volumizing mouse when wet and when it is dry...before curling spray your head with a good strong hold hair spray. Spray Lightly!  You don't want a rats nest!! HA!   For these I recommend Big Sexy Volumizing Mouse and Bix Sexy Spray and Play Harder!

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