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New Mom's Fashion

Ok so I was recently asked what good fashion ideas would be for new mom's and or nursing moms.  This is a great question.  I struggled so hard with my first and nursing when it came to what to wear.  I tried several different things and this was my conclusion.  I never bought a single nursing top.  EVER...or bra for that matter.  I learned that as long as I had on a top with one of these three things I would be just fine.  You ever see women nurse in public and they have to lift the shirt up!!??  Well NO MORE.  I would be mortified to show my mother hood battle wounds in public...its bad enough with everyone knowing I am about to whip out my tit with out them having to think..."please don't let her muffin top hang out!!  With these little helpful hints you can be stylish and have the comfort in knowing that you can whip "em out from the top instead of the bottom, which lets face it, who would be glad that there boob can reach the bottom of their top!?  The three keys are this:

1. Loose around the neck.  Not slightly but loose.
Anything elastic around the neck will work wonderfully.  This top here is a great example of key #1. 
2. Anything button up!  Self explanitory. This silk blouse here is a great way to rock this look while feeding that little budle of joy!

3. Remeber anything V NECK.  The first of these two tops is great because it is a V Neck blouse along with a criss cross pattern in the front.  Makes it easier to expose your "feeding devices"..for lack of a better term.  Top #2 is great because it shows you that you can achieve breast feeding while in a sweater (that is if you can handle a sweater aside all the hot flashes that flare up do to hormonal changes) and look simply stylish for fall

An other miss conception is that you cannot wear dresses while nursing. MYTH BUSTED!  This dress here is a prime example of how to look amazing while being the best mother you can be.  As long as you incorporate one of the three keys above to the top of the dress you're in business!!

MOM'S TO BE:  ATTENTION:  Below are a few great ideas that will work while pregnant and carry over to nursing!