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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hair Style # 48 of 365 "Meet the General"

Hairstyle # 48
"Meet The General"
Level of difficulty ***

This one is a bit harder to master but I am sure you all can do it with a little practice!!  I got an opportunity to meet the Commanding General of Fort Benning.  It was pretty neat but it was a cocktail affair which means I got to do a fancy look for the evening.  I decided to show you just how I did it.  I hope you enjoy this style. 

Hairstyle # 47 of 365 "The Rolled Bang Pony Tail"

Hairstyle # 47
"The Rolled Bang Pony Tail"
Level of difficulty *

This look is kind of specific to those who have bangs.  I woke up one morning with my hair all a fright and had to be somewhere right away, so I took the opportunity to blog about it.  Here I will show you how to go from bed head to "great head."  I think that is my line in the tutorial video.  Ha!  Never the less this is a great quick way to get a great look while rushing out the door.

Hairstyle #45 of 365 "The Holiday Braid"

Hairstyle # 45 of 365
"The Holiday Braid"
Level of difficulty **

This look is similar to the side winder only with a braid instead.  It is great for new years!!  I hope you all enjoy this look.  I had fun doing this one!

Enjy this tutorail:

Hairstyle # 46 of 365 "Holiday Waves"

Hairstyle # 46 of 365 "Holiday Waves"

This is my introduction to hair extensions ladies! 
 Level of difficulty **

In the blog/tutorial video I will teach you how to properly place your extension in your hair.  I use the 100% Real Human Hair Remy Hair extensions from Sally's.  With my extensions in I create the "Holiday Waves."  This is a beautiful style for church on christmas eve.  Its even great for a night of games with the family around the fireplace.  I hope you all try this.  Its super fun and a great way to transform your look.  Treat yourself for christmas this year and get yourself some hair extensions.  If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask.

For this look...I like it to be textured and piecy looking....
My secret for this is, curl your hair before adding in your extensions.  After its curled, add the extensions and dont really curl them if you even curl them at all.  This will give the "Bed Head" effect.  It will have that "I slept in my curls" feel to it with out trying so hard.   Please enjoy this hairstyle!  Happy Holidays

Hairstyle # 43 of 365 "The Holiday Half Up"

Hairstyle # 43 of 365

"The Holiday Half Up"

Level of Difficutly *

You will need: One small eleastic hair tie, hairspray, and a curling iron if you wish for you hair to be curly for this style.

This simple style can totally transform your look.  It can be worn night or day.  I recommend ( for a more dressy look) that you DO curl your hair for this style.  Wear this to an office christmas party, a christmas dinner party or any other holiday affiar you have coming up!  I hope you all enjoy this great style for you special holiday!
 For this style if you are starting with a wet head, add some root lifter to your hair.  I use big sexy root pump.  Also, use a blow drying lotion.  I use aerate by redken.  This will help hold your style and give you some great body and bounce.

For some reason I could not get the tutorial video to post....Please follow this link to my youtube channel where you can view this video!

Hairstyle # 42 of 365 "The Holiday Pony Tail"

Hairstyle # 42 "The Holiday Pony Tail"

Level of difficulty: *

I thought this would be a great look for a holiday special occassion.  Maybe someone you know is in a christmas play this year or you have your childs christmas party at school, or  a family dinner.  Whatever it may be this pony tail look is sure to be complimented!  Its fun, its easy and of course, simply stylish.  All you will need for this look is a hair tie and around three bobby pins and some of your hairspray!  I hope you all enjoy this look!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hairstyle # 40 of 365 "The Pretty Bun"

Hairstyle # 40
The Pretty Bun
For this look you will need: Bobby pins, hairspray, your smallest curling iron, and a hair tie
Level of difficulty **

I was inspired to do this look from a hairstyle that Lauren Conrad wore to an event last year.  It is so cute and a bit romantic I think.  I left some peices out around my face and you can choose not to do so.  Have fun with this look and please enjoy the tutorial below!!  Thanks for visiting Simply Stylish!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hairstyle # 39 of 365 "The Braided Pony Tail"

Hairstyle # 39
The Braided Pony Tail~
For this look you will need:  Two elastic hair bands, a hair tie, hairspray, comb, and flat iron

Level of difficulty: *

I love to do this style for when I am in a huge hurry and I still want my hair to be somewhat decent.  I am going to a softball game today with the kids to watch Jake play and wanted a cute but fast hairstyle. Thus, the braided pony tail.

To begin this style make sure your hair is straight.  Mine was NOT because I slept in a pony tail so I ran the flat iron through mine before I began my braids. 
After you have gotten it somewhat straight take 1 to 2 inch sections at the top of each ear and seperate those from the rest of you hair.  Begin braided each section.  When you have put the braid in, secure it with an elastic hair band.  Repeat this step on the opposite side.

Once your braids have been created grab the rest of your hair as if you are about to put it up into a pony tail, before you secure it pick up one braid and add it to the pony tail and remove the elastic hair band and then repeat on the opposite side.  Once both braids have been added to the pony tail secure in place with a hair tie.  Spray this style in place.

Thats it! Viola!! I hope you guy love this look and it rescues you when you are in need!!  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hair Style # 38 of 365 "Knot Just Another Pony Tail"

Hairstyle # 38 "Knot Just Another Pony Tail"

You will Need: A comb, an elastic hair band, and your hairspray.

Level of difficulty: *

This Style is for medium to long hair.

This style is super simple and of course, simply stylish.  It is a different take on the side pony tail.  A little extra added "flair" if you will. 
Put your hair to one side, the side you want your pony tail to be on and then divide that hair into two sections.  Once you have your two sections tie them together as if you were tying your shoe laces.  You can do this one to three times depending on how long your hair is.  I got two ties in mine. Once your ties are in secure your look with an elastic hair band.  Spray in place with redken 23 "Forceful" or something similar.  I hope you guys love this hairstyle.  It is very very versatile.

Please enjoy the tutorial below!:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hairstyle # 37 of 365 "The Half up Half Down"

Hairstyle # 37 of 365
"The Half up Half Down"

I fell upon this hairstyle by mistake.  I was doing the "Heidi klum" and realized that this would be a cute style also and perfect for "Low maintenance Monday." 

To Start you will Need: A comb, and teasing brush, bobby pins , and your hairspray.  Also, if you would like some movement to your hair you can use a curling iron.  I chose to use  a 3" barrel curling iron. 

The trick to this style is the "tuck" technique I use to create the look.  Take your section of hair that you want to put up and kind of twirl the ends and tuck them upward underneath the hair.  That will create this swirl look.  I hope you all enjoy this hairstyle.  It super easy and as always, simply stylish!

Please enjoy the tutorial below!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hair Style # 36 of 365 "The Heidi Klum"

Hair Style # 35 of 365

"The Heidi Klum"

I saw this picture of Heidi Klum at an awards ceremony and decided to give it a whirl.  I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial on how to achieve Heidi's look.

For this look you will need:

A comb, hairspray,bobby pins and a curling iron

The front section of your hair will be put into a twist and the rest of your hair will be put up in the back.  Have fun with style and remember....keep trying if you don't get it the first time! Practice practice practice!!!

Please Enjoy this tutorial!!!  Please let me know what you think!  All comments are welcome!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hair Style # 35 of 365 "The Hollywood Pony Tail"

Hair Style # 35
"The Hollywood Pony Tail"

You Will Need:  A hair tie, a comb, a teasing brush/comb, hair spray and a headband for a little extra flair if you want some!

So, this look is derived from a Jessica Alba photo of her at something of some importance and she has her hair in the most elegant pony tail.  It inspired me and I wanted to try it!  I hope you enjoy it!

I curled my hair all in one direction to start so that the pony tail curls come together to make one giant pony tail curl.  After I curled my hair I then teased it....a lot.  After I have it teased I put it in a pony tail.  Make sure your pony sits in the right spot on your head.  I chose to put mine a little bit above my ears. Twist your pony tail together and spray it!  Make sure the last thing to run through your hair is your fingers...this is a natural swept look, not a sleek combed look!  If you want to you can add a headband. I did and it was sort of last minute but I liked the way it looks.  The headband is totally optional!  Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy this look and tutorial!