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Monday, October 3, 2011

Hair style # 6 of 365 The Throw back Vintage Glam

The Throw back Vintage Glam:
You will need:  HOT ROLLERS 
and a Boar Bristle Brush

Thats  right ladies.  I did a roller set on my self.  Later I will post a video of how to roll your roller set.  Remember the most important thing about this look are the S waves that need to be by the sides of your face.  The S waves back in the day were created by well placed pin curls.  Its the same with the rollers.  they must be placed properly. Again, if asked I will definately post a video of this process.  Although the roller placement is huge in this look it is also in the comb out.  You must use a boar bristle brush and nothing else.  Using this type of brush will brush the hair together without brushing it out.  It will also add tons and tons of shine.  Remember, an other way to secure this look ALL day is to let the rollers cool in your hair.  This is the "setting" part of the whole process.   This look is perfect for a formal event.  This look has also been seen all over the red carpet.  I have worn this style many times, even just to the grocery store.  It made me feel glamorous for sure.  Also, please if you have any questions or comments you can tweet me or find me on facebook or email me.  Whatever you need to know or see I will post here.  Love this look!!!!  Let me know what you think!

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