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Friday, October 14, 2011

Hair Stylel #16 of 365 The Faux Bob

Hairstyle #13 of 365 The Faux Bob:

You will need: 1 inch curling iron, bobby pins and a comb and hairspray

So, who here has long hair and sometimes crave short hair but the thought of cutting it makes you cringe? Well, I have and right now my hair is the longest its ever been and so cutting it is definately not an option for me. Don't worry I have found a great alternative.

If your hair is wet, blow it dry.  If it is dry, go ahead and curl it any way you would like to however, I used the "bombshell" method.  The curlier you get your hair the better because tight curls will make your hair look shorter and that is what we are going for.

After your hair is curled take your two pointer fingers and place them at the top of each and move them horizontally until the meet eachother.  This way your hair is in two sections, a top and a bottom. 

Pin the top section out of the way.  Take the bottom section and you can either braid it or twist it tight down to the ends.  Once you have done so, then wrap it up like you would a "ballerina" bun and pin it in place.

Let the top section down.  Now you may have some long "stragelers" hanging down and we want this look to be even so randomly pick up the hanging pieces and pin them up. There is no ryhme or reason to how you grabe these sections and place them.  Just as long as they are up and secure. 

THATS IT!  really!  Thats it!  This is the easiest thing to do ever and you get a whole new look out of the deal.  I hope everyone tries this and LOVES it.  It is great to wear for a day to the grocery store OR you can even turn it into a formal look. LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Have fun and thanks for visiting!

THe kids are in this one!  Sorry!  Hannah just had to get in my make-up!!!  She is already a girly-girl!

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