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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hair Style #4 of 365 That's a Wrap

That's A Wrap...

This Hair style is great for an evening on the town.  I wore this look friday night out with my girlfriends.  Its not the easiest look ever but I have some tips on how to get it look just right.  I like mine to be teased, teased, and more teased.  I teased the top of my head and then all the hair that was down...yeah i teased all that too! 

You will need a fine toothed comb for teasing
a brush for brushing it out a bit

after you have it all teased comb your hair to one side and pin that hair down....then grab what is hanging out and start at the ends and wrap it up like a GIANT pin curl.......stick pins in and them flip them....

if this is complicated for you...let me know.  I will video it up for you!

Ask and you shall recieve:  here is the how to for "That's a wrap"  P.S. this is a horrible still shot!!! Ha!

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