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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hair Style #11 of 365 Short Curls

Short Curls
Model: Amy Lutz

Listen up my short haired beauty's, this look if for you!

Product Product Product is the key here. 
We used: Redken Rewind and Rusk strong hold hair spray
You will need, a curling iron and rat tail comb.

When your hair is wet feel free to put in some volumizing spray or gel and blow dry everything UPWARD and AWAY from your face.  Once your hair is dry curl your hair all over in all different directions pulling the curl out as you go.  You want it super curly or it wont look as loose as the look produced. However, it is all about preference. 

After it is all curled tease the top in an upward position.  this will give you the volume needed and will hold it in place.  Spray in place.  With this look messy is good.  It is tousled short hair and it is elegant and chic.   It is very easy and simply stylish!  Stay tuned for a follow up tutorial video!

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