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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

*Featured Look* Hair Style #15 of 365 "The Hidden Ponies"

*Featured Look*
Hairstyle # 15 of 365
The Hidden Ponies
Model: Jami

For this look you will need approximately 4 strong hair ties, hairspray, a comb and bobby pins

You are probably wondering why this is called hidden ponies!? Well, it because that is how you achieve this look.  I personally seperate my hair into three sections and place them in pony tails. You may need more depending on length and thickness of your hair.  The girl in the photo had a total of six pony tails.  She has a TON of hair.  Each pony tail needs to be thick enough to get the pony tail into three sections as if you were going to braid it.

If you would like to, you can curl your hair prior to doing this look.  It might make things a bit easier on you. 
              Once you have your pony tails in place start with one and divide that pony tail into three sections.  Start with one sections and roll it up and pin it over the hair tie. Repeat this process until there is no hair left hanging
I figured this would be difficult to interpret there for I have included a tutorial on just how EASY it is to acheive this look.  Girls> If you have dances to go to, this is a good look!  All my military wives> This would work for a military ball and it is incredibly simple to pull off this look!
Here is the "Hidden Ponies" Tutorial!  Enjoy!


  1. This is just like a bohemian updo i found on youtube! Sooo pretty and everybody loved it :)