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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hair Style # 21 of 365 Flat Iron Curls

Hairstyle # 21 The Flat Iron Curls

You will need: your flat Iron, hairspray, and a comb

For this look I have decided how to show you how to achieve curls with your flat iron. It is harder than doing it with a curling iron but if your craving a different look then go ahead a try it. Using your flat iorn almost makes a touseled look.  Some pieces may look a little straight, some may be really curled.  This just takes practice.  So you burn yourself a few times.  No big deal.  I have been doing this for 8 years and just burnt my forehead two days ago.  It is all in the manhadling.  You have to be in control of your hot tool.  This just takes practice!

Ok, if your hair is wet, put some kind of smoothing cream in it.  I prefer Outshine by Redken. I also run this through my hair when it is dry and completely styled.  It takes out any unwanted frizz in a quick and effortless manor.

Once that is complete you may need to run the flat iron through it to remove any bumps or frizz or wave or anything of that sort.  Your hair does need to be some what  straight to start to get the full effect.  Once your hair is mostly straight you are ready to begin.

You must begin by taking sections.  I start at the bottom.  Take your fingers and go directly behind your ears until your fingers meet.  This will be section one.  Take one inch subsections of the section you just made. Spray them and then curl them. These curls are a little bit different in the fact they I have rolled them towards my face.  For a couple of reasons, one being it is easier to hold the flat iron on move it in that direction while trying to turn it and keep it clamped and two, it gives a different look.

After I was completely finished with curling my hair I decided to put two twists in the bangs to give it a little fun flair.  Feel free to do whatever you would like to your bang area.  Even leave them down.  It is all about expierementation. 

  Need more help?  Don't worry.  There is a video down below!  Enjoy! Thanks for wanting to be "Simply Stylish!"


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