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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hair Style #17 of 365 Down the Middle

Hair Style #17
Down the Middle

You will need: Hairspray, rat tail comb, and an elastic hair band preferable clear.

Down the middle is a pretty self explanatory title for this look.  Its a braid going down the middle of your head.  I am not sure if you all can recall Kim Kardashian wearing this look to an awards show a couple of years ago but she did and it looked awesome.  Of course I do my own make up and hair and don't have a whole team dedicated to helping me look my best so, my version of this look is a bit softer and can be worn everyday.

First things first, curl your hair with the wave method.

After you have done this, take your rat tail comb and at the arch of each eyebrow is where you will take your sections.  Take them straight back until your head starts to curve. Take all this hair and get it out of your way.

Take all the hair on the bottom and place that in a clip and clip that out of your way.  Let down the top section that will be braided  This is a dutch style braid which means, everytime you go to cross your strands, they will go UNDER one another.  If you need help remembering the dutch braid please refer to "THE DUTCH" tutorial.  I braided my hair the exact same way only down the middle of my head.

Braid all the way back until your head starts to curve and then grab your little clear elastic band and secure it. When you go to tighten your braid pull hair from underneath the the pony tail and that will scootch the braid and elastic band closer to your head so it isn't sitting to high!

Spray it in place.  This is super easy and quick.  If you need help dutch braiding backwards, DON'T worry!  I will post a HOW TO video later on today!  Just in time for you to learn it and do it before your saturday night!!  Wear this out tonight!!! Everyone will LOVE it!!

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