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Sunday, October 9, 2011

*Featured Look* Hair Style # 12 of 365 The Gaga x2

*Featured Look*
The Gaga x2
# 12 of 365
Model: Isabella P.

You will need: Two strong hair ties and a rat tail comb

Listen up young ones, these two hair bows will be amazing in your hair for any occasion.  There are two ways to produce this look. I am going to describe one and will make a how to video for the other. 

Way #1: First things first, tease the crown of you head and get some messy volume going on. Then  figure out where you want your bow or bowS.  In the particular look pictured we did two bows.  For this I parted the hair horizontally as if I were going to pull the hair half up and leave the rest down.  You could also do one big one on top of your head, just find out where you want it.  Once you have decided where you would like them put in a pony tail in that spot.  Twist the hair tie tight enough to hold it but loose enought to get one more turn out of it.

Once your pony tails are in place tighten them and get everything else just right, for instance I worked with the front of Isabella's hair to create a little bump there.  Grab your pony tail and twist the hair tie once more and pull the pony tail through going towards the ground so the tips of the (now bun) are sticking straight out in front.  You should then pull the bun closest to your head as if you were tightening it to fan out the bun leaving the ends sticking straight out.   Once you have fanned the once pony tail, now bun to a pretty large size split it right down the middle.  Once you have split it down the middle, pull it tight to kind of save the part you have just created and take the ends that are sticking straight out and fold them over the middle part of the fan that you have just created.  Thus, making the center "knot" for your bow. Go ahead and repeat if you want a second bow.  It is the same process.  Play with the sides of the bow until you are happy with the way they look.

Have fun with this look and if it looks a little messy that is ok. If it is very nice and neat, that will work too! As you can see we added a headband for some fun flare!  Make it your own!

Let me know how they turn out and I will shortly post a video with the second way to get this look!

Stay Tuned........

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