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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hair Style # 30 of 365 "Tucked In"

Hairstyle # 30
This will work on medium to long hair!  If you can get a pony tail you should be able to achieve this look!

"Tucked In"

You will need a brush and a hair tie, some hairspray,and a comb to complete this style!

This look is so easy and simple.  First you need to make a bun.  Put it up sort of high.  A little above your ears should do.  After the bun is in place loosen top as if your were going to do a topsy tail.  Do you remember those?  A little red contraption.  You are going to push your bun forward into the part you have made and shuv it down into the rest of your hair.  You can do this style in just minutes.  Just have fun with this look.  Its different, fun, and elegant.

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  1. I LOVE this and have done it a few times, so easy to do. I may even do it for our holiday ball in December. A friend of mine made fun of me when I did it randomly and I happen to really like it. So THANK YOU!