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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hairstyle # 23 "The Blow Out"

I think it is important for every girl/woman to know how to do a proper blow out. Yes, it takes practice but once you get it down, you hair will look fantastic everytime you do it.   A blow is the base of a style when in the salon chair.  Really great hairstylist rely only on the "blow out" to create and complete the look for thier clients.  I figure why not learn this technique to do at home and get salon like hair in your very own bathroom.  Now, of course from a stylists perspective, it is definately easier for me to do this to someone than to do it on myself so, its not going to be exactly like it is when you get it done professionally but, it will be close!

You Will need: 100% boar bristle brush. ( can be bought at sally's) If it isn't boar bristle that is ok however, it should be. Boar bristle brushes help distribute your hairs natural oils all over and down to the ends thus creating a beautiful shine. You need your blow dryer, Redken Outshine to polish the hair, eliminate frizz and add some shine, Aerate by Redken, which will help give it some body and Bix Sexy Root Pump to give it some lift. If you do not have these particular products, you can do a couple different things. One, you can go buy them or two, you can use something that is equivelant. A frizz eliminator, a bodifying cream and a root lifter. Look for those key words when shopping for your product. Product is the most important part of the blow out.   When using the product only use about a dime size of each product, especially if you are using more than one think like me.  I use a dime size of outshine and a dime size of aerate. If you are only using one product a quarter size will work.

After you get all your products ready you need to put your hair in sections. I do mine in three sections with two sections when I get to the top. Please refer to my video to see how I do mine.

It's all in the wrist. When you are drying your sections don't forget to keep rolling your round brush. This get the hair nice and smooth and gives it "movement." Rolling your brush and giving your hair movement is key in this style when it comes to wanting to know the difference between this hairstyle and say "The straight and narrow." When you use the flat iron the heat tends to pull a lot of the body out of the style thus, you end up teasing the crown area. With a blow out, it is all about the volume and not using any hot tools at all.

This works on curly hair!! I myself have curly hair and this is how I get it straight every time I wash it. This will work on all hair types and lengths! Practice this! Don't give up on it. You will get it! Watch the tutorial over and over and over again! A little tip, after you have done all your sections, go back through in places that you feel you have missed or that aren't smooth enough and do them again with out lifting the sections at a 90 degree angle.

Still need some help!? No worries, here is my tutorial! Enjoy! Thanks for visiting Simply Stylish!

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