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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hair Style # 19 of 365 Straight and Narrow

Hairstyle #19 Straight and Narrow
You will need: Blow dryer, flat iron, comb and headband!

You will need to start with wet hair and use any kind of smoothing product.  I use redken Aerate.  It is a blow drying cream that eliminates frizz.  I also like outshine by redken.  Velvet Gelatine by redken is also very good. 

Once you have it blown dry, seperate your hair into sections horizontally to make sure each peice you flat iron gets completely straight.

I have spiced up this look with a double headband that I bought at Clair's for like 2.50.  Its super cute and peps up the look a little bit. You can use any headband you choose. I like the two strand headbands because it looks a little more intricate.  Like I did more to my hair but I didn't. To add the headband completely finish your hair first.  After everything is where you want it to be, put the headband around your neck and if it is a double take up one strand at a time and place where you think it looks best.

If you feel the need you can tease your crown and give it some extra added height!!!

I am newly in love with headbands so I will be doing more styles with them so stick around to see what pops up next.  Hope you enjoy this look!

Thanks for looking at Simply Stylish!

Please check out this great tutorial on great products to get beautiful straight hair and a great technique to make sure you get it all straight and how to add a great accessory!

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