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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hair Style # 24 of 365 "The High Bun"

Hair Style # 24 "The High Bun"
You will need: A teasing comb/brush, Bobby pins, Hair tie, and hair spray.

Since I am in North Carolina this will be a quick description of how to achieve this look.  Put your hair into a "High" pony tail. 

Once in a pony tail, tighten the pony tail and pull on the top to create a little height. 

After that is complete tease your pony tail....a lot.  Then wrap it around the base of the pony tail to create your messy high bun.  Secure it with your bobby pins.  GREAT STYLE FOR ON THE GO!!! which I am.  Still need help?  No worries, there is a video down below!  ENJOY!!!

This look is extremely popular and has been seen on the Kardashians as well as Ann Hathaway in Glamour magazine.  It is super fun and a great look for a night out on the town!

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