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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hair Style # 34 of 365 "Double Braided Headband"

Hairstyle # 34
"Double Braided Headband"

You will need: Shine Spray, your flat iron, your hairspray and extensions. 14" wefts.

I use Remy Hair Extensions from sally's.  I used two single wefts to create this look. 

I first curled my hair with my flat iron on just the ends and just a few through the top.  I then made a part on the left side of my head and inserted my 14" Remy Hair Extension and braided it and pined it to the other side of my head.  I repeated this on the right side of my head.

To complete my look I sprayed my hair with Redken Shine Spray and ran some Redken Outshine through my curls to eliminate any frizz.  This look is fun and super easy. 

Stay tuned ladies..... I am entering into "Extension" territory and will be doing lots of fun creative looks with my hair extensions!!   For now however, I chose to keep things Simply Stylish! 

Please Enjoy the Tutorial below!

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