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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hair Style # 38 of 365 "Knot Just Another Pony Tail"

Hairstyle # 38 "Knot Just Another Pony Tail"

You will Need: A comb, an elastic hair band, and your hairspray.

Level of difficulty: *

This Style is for medium to long hair.

This style is super simple and of course, simply stylish.  It is a different take on the side pony tail.  A little extra added "flair" if you will. 
Put your hair to one side, the side you want your pony tail to be on and then divide that hair into two sections.  Once you have your two sections tie them together as if you were tying your shoe laces.  You can do this one to three times depending on how long your hair is.  I got two ties in mine. Once your ties are in secure your look with an elastic hair band.  Spray in place with redken 23 "Forceful" or something similar.  I hope you guys love this hairstyle.  It is very very versatile.

Please enjoy the tutorial below!:

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