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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hair Style # 32 of 365 "Medieval Times"

Hairstyle # 32
"Medieval Times"

You will need a double strand headband, bobby pins, rat tail comb and hairspray. Also, you will need your smaller curling iron or if you have naturally curly hair where it naturally curly and save yourself the time of having to curl your hair.

I was looking online for hairstyles and I came across this one that reminded me of a medieval time.  I liked it so much that I decided to try it.  I used the technique where I twist a section and and hold a tiny strand at the bottom and scrunch it up!!!  This hairstyle is pretty easy.  It is cute for a dance, or anything formal.  You may even like it well enough to wear to work.  Please enjoy the tutorial below! Thanks for visiting Simply Stylish!

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