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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hairstyle # 39 of 365 "The Braided Pony Tail"

Hairstyle # 39
The Braided Pony Tail~
For this look you will need:  Two elastic hair bands, a hair tie, hairspray, comb, and flat iron

Level of difficulty: *

I love to do this style for when I am in a huge hurry and I still want my hair to be somewhat decent.  I am going to a softball game today with the kids to watch Jake play and wanted a cute but fast hairstyle. Thus, the braided pony tail.

To begin this style make sure your hair is straight.  Mine was NOT because I slept in a pony tail so I ran the flat iron through mine before I began my braids. 
After you have gotten it somewhat straight take 1 to 2 inch sections at the top of each ear and seperate those from the rest of you hair.  Begin braided each section.  When you have put the braid in, secure it with an elastic hair band.  Repeat this step on the opposite side.

Once your braids have been created grab the rest of your hair as if you are about to put it up into a pony tail, before you secure it pick up one braid and add it to the pony tail and remove the elastic hair band and then repeat on the opposite side.  Once both braids have been added to the pony tail secure in place with a hair tie.  Spray this style in place.

Thats it! Viola!! I hope you guy love this look and it rescues you when you are in need!!  Have a great weekend!

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