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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hair Style # 35 of 365 "The Hollywood Pony Tail"

Hair Style # 35
"The Hollywood Pony Tail"

You Will Need:  A hair tie, a comb, a teasing brush/comb, hair spray and a headband for a little extra flair if you want some!

So, this look is derived from a Jessica Alba photo of her at something of some importance and she has her hair in the most elegant pony tail.  It inspired me and I wanted to try it!  I hope you enjoy it!

I curled my hair all in one direction to start so that the pony tail curls come together to make one giant pony tail curl.  After I curled my hair I then teased it....a lot.  After I have it teased I put it in a pony tail.  Make sure your pony sits in the right spot on your head.  I chose to put mine a little bit above my ears. Twist your pony tail together and spray it!  Make sure the last thing to run through your hair is your fingers...this is a natural swept look, not a sleek combed look!  If you want to you can add a headband. I did and it was sort of last minute but I liked the way it looks.  The headband is totally optional!  Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy this look and tutorial!

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